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2011/04/29 20:57
Implemented some anti-spam stuff for shouts ;-)
2011/04/13 21:00
Finally added rendering support for warsow 0.6.
2011/03/28 21:25
Infrastructure update: we're now running with Ruby 1.9.
2011/03/09 02:18
Add support for warsow 0.6 (rendering support later).
2010/12/19 16:42
Fixed a defrag upload bug. When you had trouble uploading a defrag demo, plz retry - thx :)
2010/09/08 00:15
Huge infrastructure update: we're now running with Rails 3.
2010/08/10 17:51
Render server is now ready to render Defrag demos.
2010/08/06 04:02
Add a Facebook like-button - share nice demos with your friends.
2010/08/06 03:13
Add feed support for iTunes via Feedburner - update your feed urls.
2010/08/05 18:21
Add experimental support for Defrag! Upload demos, so I can make the render server work. :)
2010/01/14 22:58
Add support for warsow 0.5.
2010/01/10 21:40
Fixed file upload detection of same files.
2009/10/23 22:00
Update support for latest racesow version of 0.42
2009/08/18 00:13
Update platform to edge rails version, some bugfixes and minor new features.
2009/03/29 00:09
Add atom feed for news.
2009/03/28 22:45
Add support for racesow_local. No changes are made to demo listing, because the physics are comparable to demos recorded at
2009/01/31 20:26
Add top list for race demos on detail page.
2009/01/04 22:28
Add Gravatar support
2009/01/04 08:34
Add stuff upload for any files that might help to improve (demos of unsupported games, gametypes, etc.)
2009/01/02 02:19
Add Identicons to beautify the identification hexdigits (a bit)
2009/01/01 23:05
Gamemode dependent configs for rendering and rerendered a bunch of freestyle demos for visible opponents
2008/11/20 20:14 is promoted by with a post on the home page! Thx to the warsow team and specially to SoLomonk! :)
2008/11/07 00:57
Adds an authentification method for anonymous comments. The same will follow for shouts.
2008/11/01 17:15
Happy Birthday dear! This project is now one year old! Thx everyone for participating! :)
2008/09/21 16:38
Added feeds for race demos and freestyle demos only.
2008/09/18 00:48
Rendering interval got back to normal; means not later than a day the uploaded demo should be rendered.
2008/09/03 19:07
Rendering only on weekend as long as I'm busy with moving from Hamburg to Berlin! :-)
2008/08/24 23:34
Per map freestyle ranking added.
2008/08/19 15:25
Rating added for maps. Btw: you can vote from 0 to 5 (first star is splitted to make a zero votes possible).
2008/08/17 22:44
Rating added for demos.
2008/07/22 20:46
Welcome! When you see this, you just arrived at our new server. Hope you also like the new look.
2008/07/20 18:33
This week we move to a new server with a nice performance and be anxious to a new fresh look!!
2008/05/19 17:45
Implemented page caching for better performance. Plz post if you find outdated pages or links losing layout.
2008/05/15 21:19
wsw 0.4 config tweaked and rerendered all wd10 files.
2008/05/04 20:59
Added some spooky js effects. Tell me if you like it, then I will improve it. Otherwise it will be removed.
2008/05/01 18:15
warsow 0.4 / wd10 support added. video quality will be tweaked the next days.
2008/04/15 22:47
Next point on the roadmap is done: "share your rendered demo"-function! You now can easily embed any rendered demo of in your own homepage - like you know it from YouTube. The html source code you find on every demo page.
2008/03/30 16:42
search function for maps now available =)
2008/03/26 20:48
1st this page got BETA status (I just switched - think it's ready for ;-) 2nd welcomes and as partners! so u can be anxious to some nice co-op!
2008/02/10 20:08
Rerendered all older demos with the improved rendering algorithm.
2008/02/09 00:17
New: title field for freestyle demos and changed demo listing a bit.
2008/01/06 00:00
Rendering improved again a lot. The videos are now a lot brighter, more textures/shaders/etc. are used and wsw weapons splash is rendered right again. Rerendered the last 30 demos. Thx to kErov4 for packing a pretty good pk3!
2007/12/31 00:00
Gametype freestyle added. Coz I'm not that experienced with freestyle, let me know if it works for you. Changed a lot code, hope the rest still works.. *g*
2007/12/30 00:00
Nicknames now 'mergeable' upon request
2007/12/27 00:00
2007/12/14 00:00
Nickname rendering improved
2007/12/14 00:00
Some js added and a little IE7 optimized - damn is this browser stupid!!
2007/12/08 00:00
Possibility to write comments on demos
2007/11/16 00:00
Shader/texture problem fixed a lot; the problem is not completly fixed, but on most maps it looks very nice. ;-) Many thanks to kErov4 for providing help! The latest 30 demos are rerendered (now with a little higher bitrate!). :-)
2007/11/13 00:00
Shoutbox implemented
2007/11/11 00:00
Still working on the "texture problem" whats more a shader problem.. However, fixed rendering on 0ups* maps (they are packed wrong).
2007/11/09 00:00
Show only best demo of each player in map details
2007/11/06 00:00
Further improvements on the rendering process
2007/11/05 00:00
Bad news: The render server crashed. Think I need a couple of days to reengineer that.. :-(
2007/11/05 00:00
Good news: 3rd recovery software found the main scripts on the broken server. So i could set up a new one (~20h work ;-).
2007/11/05 00:00
Texture problem fixed a bit. It is not working stable ATM...
2007/11/04 00:00
First rendered demos are online.
2007/11/04 00:00
Alpha status reached.
2007/11/03 00:00
Added rss feed for latest uploaded demos.


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    Just testing if shoutbox works
    2015/04/14 by DeliriuM

    Cool, thanks! Created an issue to support wd15 over here: -- help by everybody is appreciated ;)
    2013/11/06 by soh#die.viper

    Tried again, still errors. Mailed you the demo.
    2013/11/06 by weqo

    Weird, not getting error notifications.. Can you send me the demo to ?
    2013/11/05 by soh#die.viper

    Nope. Only getting application errors. Also tried to rename the demo to .wd12 since it says .wd15 isn't supported. Nothing worked.
    2013/11/04 by weqo

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